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IVAuk are a leading progressive debt solution firm providing effective
and professional services to those who find themselves in severe financial

IVAuk fully understands the misery and stress that debt can cause to not only the individual concerned but to all those around them. IVAuk has a level of service that has been specifically focused on reducing this misery and stress from the very first contact.

Success from Results
The key to our success is our commitment to protect, at all times, the interests of our clients. IVAuk's primary objective is to always obtain the maximum  possible  debt  reduction  whatever  the  particular  clients circumstances. This is achieved using indepth analysis followed by the
skilful implementation of an IVA.

Negotiating the Best Outcome
IVAuk's team of experts have negotiated debt reductions for clients of up to
95%. This has enabled clients in seemingly impossible financial difficulties to
avoid bankruptcy and face their future with confidence. See case studies

If your debts total £30,000 to £5,000,000+ then one call to 0000 000 0000 or completing our quick enquiry form will give you immediate access to our unrivalled team of experts.

  • We DO NOT charge up front fee's
  • You DO NOT need do be a homeowner